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Culture Experience

Rice planting and Kuangsi waterfalls - Day trip

A day trip out of Luangprabang, see local daily life with rice fields and enjoy the famous Kuangsi waterfalls.

NamKhan river cruise - Day trip

For those who love to see the rural area combined with a deep insight Laos's minorities people.

Plain of Jars - LuangPrabang to Phonsavan, VangVieng, Vientiane 3 Days

Visit Phonsavan in XiengKhouang province - Mysterious Plain of Jars and Indochina War relics.

Northern Laos Explorer - LuangPrabang to SamNeua, ViengXai, MuangKham, Plain of Jars, VangVieng, Vientiane 5 Days

North east Laos - Nongkiaw, SamNeua, Viengxai, MuangKham hotspring, Mysterious Plain of Jars, VangVieng, Vientiane.

Mekong River Cruise

Cruise Mekong ChiangKhong Houayxai Luangprabang - 5Days

A slowly cruise the mighty Mekong from ChiangKhong (Thailand) | HoayXai to PakBeng and to Luangprabang.

Culture & Hike Trips

HuayKhod - KuangSi waterfalls 3 days hike

This moderate trek takes you into several villages of the most prominent ethnic groups in northern Laos: the Khmu and Hmong.

Laos Capital Passing 7 Days

LuangPrabang, Elephant ride, VangVieng cave and Vientiane 7 Days.

Laos Culture Heritage Discover 8 Days

LuangPrabang, PakOu, Elephant ride, Kuangsi falls, river & cave in VangVieng and Vientiane sightseeing 8 Days.


Cycling Northern Laos - LuangPrabang to Hanoi 12 Days

Cycling northern Laos - Luangprabang to Phonsavan, MuangKham, NamNeun, SamNeua, ViengXai, NaMeo border, PuLuong, HaNoi

Cycling Laos - LuangPrabang to VangVieng to Vientiane 10 Days

Cycling adventure Laos - LuangPrabang to PhouKhoun, Kasi, VangVieng, NamNgum lake and on to Vientiane

Cycling Laos to Vietnam - LuangPrabang to DienBienPhu 8 Days

Cycling Laos to Vietnam - LuangPrabang to Pakbeng, Udomxai, MuangKhoua, TayTrang border, DienBienPhu.


Ride the HoChiMinh Trail in Laos

Motorbiking adventure on the HoChiMinh Trails in Laos.